About Us

We are a family owned/operated independent water treatment company serving south central Pennsylvania since 1967, That makes us one of the oldest water treatment companies in south central PA. We have a combined experience of nearly 100 years in the water treatment industry. We are an independent dealer. We offer our customers the best products from across the industry, since we are independent we are not locked into the products from one manufacturer. We are a no pressure, professional water treatment company; our recommendations are based on years of experience, of not only specifying the equipment but servicing and maintaining it.

Over the years, we have gained experience in many areas beyond just residential water softeners.  Even beyond ultraviolet lights, neutralizers and residential reverse osmosis systems.  We design, install and continue to service commercial and industrial softening systems for many local school districts, hospitals and business’; Water Treatment plants for public water supplies; large commercial RO systems for many applications including, car wash, high dissolved solid removal for apartment buildings and brewing water for a local microbrewery. We have designed and built control systems that run water treatment plants, even installing systems to allow customers to archive and view water usage and flow rates remotely.  We have 3 PADEP licensed water system operators, capable of operating systems producing less than 5 million gallons per day.


In 1967 Glenn W Black, after realizing the need for water treatment for his home and farm, became interested in water treatment as a side business to fill the slow winter months of farming. He became a dealer for The Portasoft Company; naming his water conditioning business Glenn W. Black Water Conditioning. Serving a 20 mile radius of his home base located in Gardners of Cumberland County, PA, Glenn attended the Shippensburg, Newville, Carlisle and South Mountain fairs as well as the Harrisburg and Adams County builder shows to gain exposure in the various areas.


By 1977, Glenn’s youngest son, Laverne, graduated from high school and was ready to step in full time to assist his dad. Laverne had helped Glenn over the summer months for a number of years where he picked up his base knowledge of water treatment. At that time, they changed the name of the company, to Black’s Water Conditioning. Laverne married in 1979; he and his wife, Shirley, had four sons, Jason, David, Daniel, and Joshua. As the years have progressed, the business has grown to a 100 mile service area. By 1988, the business grew to the point that the farming operations had to be scaled back to allow for the work load of the water conditioning business.

1999 – Present

In 1999 Jason joined the business, followed by David in 2002. Glenn fully retired in 2003, ending the first generation of Black’s Water Conditioning. In 2005, Black’s Water Conditioning became incorporated. Daniel came into the business in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, Glenn passed away leaving behind a legacy to his son and grandsons of business integrity. The youngest, Josh, joined the business in 2012, completing the third generation. Jason and David’s children are paving the way to a 4th generation of Black’s Water Conditioning. To date we continue to expand our service area as well as our fields of expertise. Our goal is to serve our customers with the highest form of integrity.